May 2020 Update

Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) News

We hope that you and your families are staying safe and healthy while our whole world deals with the Covid-19 crisis. It has been a difficult time for everyone, and now more than ever, we are incredibly grateful for the abundance of greenspaces and pathways right outside our doors! So many residents have been taking advantage of these spaces to get a bit of exercise and take a “mental health break” … we really do think it will help us all get through this just a bit better. Please maintain your social distance in a responsible manner and continue to enjoy our little oasis of Discovery Ridge. We will get through this.

Our contractor, ULS, will continue to be on site doing their work. Procedures have been implemented and their staff will comply with all necessary heath and safety requirements pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic response. That said, clean-up of our green spaces, parks and medians is underway and we are working to identify areas that need a bit of extra attention due to winterkill or overgrowth. Some of our plants still need to “leaf out” in order to see if remediation is required, but hopefully most of the foliage in the community has wintered well and will be in great shape for the growing season. Please let us know if you see an area in need of attention.


Spring rains are on their way! For those of you with a concrete drainage swale in your yard, please remember that it is you, the homeowner, who is responsible for ensuring the swale is kept clear of debris. This is a City of Calgary Bylaw (Drainage Bylaw 37M2005). Rain and runoff must easily be allowed to drain into the storm sewer system via the swale, so please have a look to ensure yours is clean and clear. You do not want to be made responsible for flood damage to your or your neighbor’s property.

Raccoon and Skunk Awareness! As cute as they are, raccoons are nocturnal pests that can carry diseases capable of being transmitted to humans and pets. Skunks bring their own obvious issues (!) Both frequent our community and can cause property damage; they have also been known to attack/spray when threatened. Homeowners are advised to take steps to ensure neither are attracted to your yard. Bird feeders are often targeted by these animals, but any food will do, including garbage or pet food left outside. Please eliminate attractants (including pet waste) in and around your property as soon as possible, for everyone’s sake.

General Clean-Up – Thousands of voles and mice have been disturbed due to the ring road construction and have “moved” into our community. Warmer temperatures will get them active again. Voles dig, mice do not. If you see loonie-sized holes along your sidewalks, driveway or patios, you probably have voles living underneath. If you have what looks like small gopher holes in your lawn, you definitely have voles. To avoid a mouse infestation, eliminate debris piles from around your property. This includes spare landscaping material, planter pots, old eavestroughs, used tires and any other items that are piled up for the long term. Consult a pest control specialist for the best advice on how to manage these destructive rodents.

Unless you have space to put them in your garage, most of us must keep one or more of the black/blue/green carts outside. Now that the carts do not have to be dragged through the snow to get to the curb, please endeavor to place them at the side of your house rather than on the driveway. Everyone can agree that they are not pretty yard art, nor a landscaping feature. Show off your house instead! Your neighbors will thank you for making your carts less noticeable.

POSTPONED: NDHA Annual General Meeting: In light of the Covid-19/Coronavirus restrictions on gatherings, the NDHA board has taken the decision to postpone the AGM, which is normally held in early June. Our Articles of Association (paragraph 6) require us to hold an AGM at least once per calendar year, not more than sixteen months apart. At the time of this writing, a new date has not been set. Fortunately, members of the current board have agreed to stay on until the 2020 AGM can be held. Special thank you to those members, as this will allow for the continuation of the landscape management and upkeep in our community through the summer!

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; please access our website at for NDHA News updates or to send an email – you can also call us at 403-237-9595.