June 2023 News

Wow! Where did the first half of the year go?! It’s hard to believe that we are almost halfway through 2022. May was a busy transition month that brought spring clean up and preparation for the summer season. As is typical, the greenspace grass and shrubs wake up all at once and this sudden burst of spring growth usually results in a few weeks of “shagginess” in the community. We ask for your patience while ULS crews get the initial growth trimmed up and identify where extra attention is needed. The NDHA works hard to maintain greenspaces in the community, but it is a big area and sometimes we might miss a spot.  Let us know if you see something in need of attention. *Please note that the NDHA is not responsible for landscape maintenance in the new “The Pointe at Discovery Ridge” development.

2023 NDHA AGM: the in-person AGM is scheduled for 7 pm on Thursday, June 8th at Westside King’s Church. NDHA members were provided with formal notice of the AGM in May. If you cannot attend, the AGM presentation and minutes of the meeting (once formally approved) will be uploaded to our website in the weeks following the AGM. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you to all who attend in person or provide us their proxy vote; this allows the NDHA to continue service to the community without interruption.

2023 Fees – The annual NDHA fee of $325 is due on June 29th. Please access our website to log in and pay the fee if you have not already done so. You can also check to confirm if your payment has been made and update your contact information as necessary. If you are new to the community and need to set up your membership portal, please contact our Membership Director. Questions about the fee or your account balance can be emailed to the NDHA Treasurer

Voles and Mice: Thousands of voles and mice have been disturbed due to the west ring road construction and have “moved” into our community. Warmer temperatures will get them active again. Voles dig, mice do not.  If you see loonie-sized holes along your sidewalks, driveway, patios, or shed, you probably have voles living underneath. If you have what looks like small gopher holes in your lawn, you definitely have voles. To avoid a mouse infestation, eliminate debris piles from around your property.  This includes spare landscaping material, planter pots, and any other items that are piled up for the long term. Consult a pest control specialist for the best advice on how to manage these rodents before they invade your garage or house.

2023 Project Work: The NDHA Board will provide information on many approved projects for this season and update outstanding project work from 2022 at the AGM. Further information will be provided in our July news article, once start dates are scheduled.

Planter Pots – Flowers and greenery are scheduled to be planted into the seasonal pots near the roundabout in early June, weather permitting. The plants will start small, but with summer sun, a little heat and regular “TLC” from the crews, they will grow to fill the large pots beautifully. Special thanks to Pixie Gardens for their wonderful work!

Old News – Did You Know?  The NDHA uploads all our Ridge Review articles to the “Home Page” of our website. If you ever want to re-read or reference something that you read from a previous NDHA article, just visit our webpage, and scroll through the monthly news archives!