June 2024 Update

It’s hard to believe that we are almost halfway through 2024! May was a busy transition month for the NDHA. The weather was not very co-operative, so spring clean-up got a late start; it should be finished by the time you are reading this. Discovery Ridge has many manicured green spaces and in addition to the medians, the NDHA is responsible for ensuring all these areas are looked after. In June, the grass and shrubs always wake up at once and this sudden burst of spring growth usually results in a few weeks of “shagginess” in the community. We ask for your patience while ULS crews get the initial growth trimmed up and identify where extra attention is needed.

If you happen to notice a space that needs extra attention, let us know so that it can be tended to quickly. *Please note that the NDHA is not responsible for landscape maintenance in the new “The Pointe at Discovery Ridge” development.

2024 NDHA AGM: the in-person AGM is scheduled for 7 pm on Thursday, June 6th at Westside King’s Church. NDHA members were provided with formal notice of the AGM in May. If you cannot attend, the AGM minutes (once formally approved) will be uploaded to our website in the weeks following the AGM. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you to all who attend in person or provide us their proxy vote; this allows the NDHA to continue service to the community without interruption.

2024 Project Work: At the AGM, the NDHA Board will provide information on new NDHA projects for this season and update members on other landscape-impacting projects currently underway. Further information will be provided in our July news article, for your convenience.

Landscape Construction Zones- Please Drive with Care: The second phase of the NDHA’s Community Re-Mulching and Shrub Planting Project will take place early this season. Drivers are asked to please be extra-cautious of the heavy equipment and workers in the areas where median work is being undertaken. Let’s all slow down and keep everyone safe!

Planter Pots – Flowers and greenery were scheduled to be planted into the seasonal pots near the roundabout in late May, weather permitting. The plants will start small, but with summer sun, a little heat and regular “TLC” from the staff, they will grow to fill the large pots beautifully. Special thanks to Pixie Gardens for their wonderful work!

Waterfall – the NDHA does not expect the waterfall in the roundabout to operate much, if at all this year. We share in the disappointment of our residents; we have all come to love the waterfall greeting us as we enter the community. Although the system is a closed loop, water loss occurs due to splash and evaporation. This means we must occasionally refill the large water reservoir during the months it operates. Due to current water conservation expectations from the City, it would be inappropriate to operate the waterfall at this time. We have opted to only operate the entrance irrigation system to water the nearby grass, shrubs and trees, and to have ULS truck-water the remaining median shrubs and trees, so that these plants don’t fall victim to the dry conditions. This is an unfortunate circumstance; we hope conditions change soon.

2024 Fees – The annual NDHA fee of $325 is due on June 29th. As you know, this is a legally required fee secured by an encumbrance on your property title. Please access our website to log in and pay the fee if you have not already done so. You can also check to confirm if your payment has already been made and update your contact information as necessary. If you are new to the community and need to set up your membership portal, please contact our Membership Director at ndhamembership@ndha.ca Questions about the fee or your account balance can be emailed to the NDHA Treasurer at accounts@ndha.ca

Squeaky Wheels get the Grease – Call 311! The NDHA encourages Discovery Ridge residents to use the City of Calgary’s 311 service more often. Funding and prioritizing of needs across the City include analyzing 311 inquiries from residents. City councillors actually ask, “How many 311 calls were taken on this issue?” The more calls to 311, the higher the issue moves up the priority scale. All 311 calls must be logged and investigated. Whether it is potholes, dead trees in parks, graffiti needing removal, excessive speed of motorists or any other concern, use 311 so the matter can be registered. Please note that there is a 311 app, so reporting can be done even faster than a phone call if that is your preference!

Old News – Did You Know? The NDHA uploads every Ridge Review article to the “Home Page” of our website. It’s a great historical source of information for all residents, no matter how long you’ve lived here. Just visit and scroll through the archives of the monthly NDHA Updates!

Thank you, DRCA! The NDHA (your HOA) and the DRCA (your Community Association) are NOT the same organization. We each have very different, yet equally important roles in Discovery Ridge. And both are run by volunteers! The NDHA’s mandated role is landscape maintenance, snow clearing, and management of landscape-associated amenities (flowers, holiday lights, etc.). The DRCA manages not only all the “fun stuff” (Stampede event, Music in the Park, etc.), but also owns and operates the recreational facilities, the bottle shack, publishes the Ridge Review and is the community point of contact for issues of community interest including matters for the police, City programs, Griffith Woods Park, the ring road, and several other concerns. It’s a BIG JOB! If it wasn’t for the awesome DRCA volunteers, we would have no community association to take care of all they do. Think of the added value it brings to the community, and by extension, your property. Please visit their website (discoveryridge.com) and purchase an inexpensive $25 annual membership. Both Associations would welcome new volunteers; please consider giving a bit of your time to either group, so the community can continue to be all that it has become. “Many hands make light work”. Thanks, DRCA volunteers!

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; please access our website send an email – you can also call us at 403-237-9595.