September 2023 Update

Happy September! We hope that you had a wonderful summer and a chance to use our beautiful parks and pathways at some point during the season. If not, September brings a different kind of beauty with fall colors and the change of season. We have stunning vistas right on our doorstep to enjoy!

Summer Landscaping Update: Despite the seemingly constant heat, we did manage to accomplish some landscaping upgrades within the community.  A large mulch project was completed, with new mulch added to all shrub beds in Phase 1 & 2 (to the left and right of the roundabout), as well as all of the medians on Discovery Ridge boulevard from our entrance area  up to the intersection at Cornerstone Square. Mulch replacement in the remaining Phases of the community will happen over the next few years, based on what the budget allows and which areas have gone the longest since the last mulch application.

Three new Thunderchild Flowering Crab trees were planted in our entrance median to replace those that died over the winter. Approximately 150 new shrubs were also added in various locations, including the noticeable foliage gaps in the newly mulched Xeriscape medians on Discovery Ridge Boulevard. Plant replacements will continue in conjunction with new mulch application, as prioritized by the NDHA over the coming years. A section of asphalt pathway on NDHA-owned lands near Discovery Ridge Gate was re-paved this spring as well.

The entrance planters are colorful and welcoming, and the roundabout waterfall continued to operate smoothly this season. At the start of August, however, the NDHA voluntarily shut down the waterfall feature as a water conservation initiative. Although the waterfall is a closed loop system, evaporation and splash make it necessary to occasionally “top-up” the reservoir so it can function properly. Due to the drought conditions at mid-summer, The City of Calgary asked all water consumers to reduce consumption by 10%. Shutting down the waterfall easily achieved this goal. Also at the request of the City, we continue to truck water the medians and operate our irrigation system. This will give the trees a better chance of survival during the drought conditions.

Obviously, park trees cannot be watered using the heavy tanker truck. If you notice a park tree near you that seems to be struggling, especially if it is young, please do not hesitate to water it right up until freeze-up. This will give it the best chance of winter survival, and give you a beautiful tree (rather than a dead one) to enjoy. Thank you in advance should you choose to do this! We do have a very special oasis here in Discovery Ridge.

ULS crews have worked hard in our community this year, under very difficult, and sometimes dangerously hot conditions. Weeds flourish in the heat and it has been a struggle to manage them this year, despite crews working on it every day. The NDHA would like to thank the ULS staff for their efforts. It is very much appreciated!

Delinquent Fees Update: Many residents have not yet paid the $325 fee for 2023 which was due June 29th. Immediate payment is required. Past due payments are charged interest at a rate of 18% per annum. The NDHA has a strict policy for the collection of unpaid fees. Accounts in arrears will be turned over the NDHA lawyer for collection, at which time significant legal fees will also be incurred by the homeowner.

Please keep in mind that this is an encumbrance on your land title, and you are legally required to pay these fees annually. Our community relies on everyone to pay their fee on time so that we can pay our contractors on time. Volunteer efforts required to follow up and request past due payments is frustrating and could be put to much better use.  Payment options can be found on our website at  You can log onto your account via our website to check if you have paid and are up to date, or contact us at for help with your account. Please reference your address when you email us. Thank you to all who have paid for 2021, we appreciate it!

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; if you ever have a concern or comment and need to contact us please access our website at to send an email or call us at 403-237-9595.