Front Entrance Waterfall – Water Advisory

The City of Calgary is monitoring drought conditions in Calgary on an ongoing basis and has taken a more proactive approach to conserve water at this time.   The City of Calgary has taken voluntary actions to reduce our water usage.

  • The City has reduced watering in all community parks by 10%.  This is enough of a reduction to make a difference, but not noticeable to the average parks user in the short term.
  • Conserved water will then be reallocated for watering newly planted trees.
  • The City has turned off decorative fountains outside of the core in an effort to reduce the non-essential water usage.

On 4 August, 2023, the NDHA’s waterfall in the roundabout was shut down per the City’s request for 10% conservation of water. This will conserve more than that. It will remain off until/unless conditions change.

Our irrigation system and truck watering program will continue with ULS; both will help water the plants and trees to ensure their long-term viability despite the drought conditions. Continued watering of the trees is encouraged by the City.