September 2022 Update

Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) News

Happy September! The NDHA board hopes that you had a wonderful summer and a chance to use our beautiful parks and pathways at some point during the season. If not, September brings a different kind of beauty with fall colors and the change of season. We have beautiful vistas right on our doorstep- enjoy!

Summer Landscaping Update: We had a variety of weather this season. A very cool spring followed by great heat and several severe storms in the summer created some challenges on the landscape management front this year. Our large planters near the roundabout required a second installation of flowers due to an unexpected June frost, and now one of them has a plugged drainage mechanism that has caused the plants to fail. This will be rectified in the fall. Once the heat started, weeds in the medians seemed to keep popping up long after they normally slow; and the grass also grew wildly for an extended period.  Our thanks to ULS detail crews and the turf crews who kept it all in check and did a great job of making our community look its best! We also appreciate those in the community who reached out to let us know if something was amiss so we could quickly address any problems areas.

The NDHA completed one of our two upgrade projects this summer. The two medians on Discovery Ridge Gate had sculpted shrub beds installed, which improved their appearance significantly.  The other project (replacement of the shrubbery adjacent to the switchback pathway below Griffith Pond) remains under study with the City of Calgary and as of this writing, has not yet received approval. It is unknown if the project will be allowed to proceed, or when it might happen. The roundabout waterfall continues to operate smoothly, and the entrance planters are colorful and welcoming. The community greenspaces look amazing – we do have a very special oasis here in Discovery Ridge!

Delinquent Fees Update: Some residents have not yet paid the $307 fee for 2022, which was due June 29th. Immediate payment is required. Past due payments are charged interest at a rate of 18% per annum. The NDHA has a strict policy for the collection of unpaid fees; if you are unsure of your fee status, please contact us immediately. Accounts in arrears will be turned over the NDHA lawyer for collection, at which time significant legal fees will also be incurred by the homeowner. 

Please keep in mind that this is an encumbrance on your land title, and you are legally required to pay these fees annually. Our community relies on everyone to pay their fee on time so that we can pay our contractors on time. Volunteer efforts required to follow up and request past due payments is frustrating and could be put to much better use.  Payment options can be found on our website at  You can log onto your account via our website to check if you have paid and are up to date, or contact us at for help with your account, or to set one up if you are a new owner. Please reference your address when you email us. Thank you to all who have paid for 2022, we appreciate it!

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; if you ever have a concern or comment and need to contact us, please access our website at to send an email or call us at 403-237-9595.