July 2022 Update

Homeowners’ Association News

Throughout the summer you will see ULS on site working to maintain our green spaces and medians, as well as implementing board-approved landscaping improvements at various locations in Discovery Ridge. News updates will be posted to our website over the summer for you to follow.

NDHA-funded & managed large projects for this summer:

  • Upgrade the two Discovery Ridge Gate medians with the addition of shrub beds. These are very wide medians that are not appropriate for Xeriscape, therefore the upgrade will look more like the entrance median in front of the waterfall. Given the traffic volumes and the fact that there is a playground located adjacent, special consideration for sightlines and pedestrian visibility has been made with the foliage choices
  • In the switchback portion of the pathway below Griffith Pond, the removal of dead and dying shrubbery will be completed and a landscape upgrade with the installation of new foliage and rock material will occur. This is the first phase of work to remediate the catastrophic die-off of potentilla post-winter 2020/21.
    • Approval from the City for these two projects is in the final stages. Barring unforeseen issues, we hope to have both projects underway by July.
  • Asphalt repair in the NDHA-owned greenspace between Discovery Woods Villas and Discovery Ridge Crescent. This area has been a challenge due to drainage issues and has caused major damage to a 20m section of pathway.

The community will also see ULS carrying out remediation work in many other locations over the summer, including any necessary plant replacements in the Xeriscaped medians constructed in 2021 along Discovery Ridge Way. The heatwave of last summer was hard on the new foliage and some of it struggled to establish itself during the critical first months after installation. These plants will be replaced under warranty. 

The NDHA requires ULS to ensure the safety of their staff by adhering to all Occupational Health and Safety protocols, including appropriate safety barriers, pylons, and signage when crews are working in roadway areas. Please slow down and respect this need for personal safety. If you have questions or concerns about ULS, contact the NDHA so we can be made aware of any issues.  Please do not engage with ULS crews directly. Abuse of their staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.


Do you have questions about Fences? Trees? A City Right-of-Way? RV and Trailer Parking? Snow Removal? What is the difference between NDHA and DRCA? The NDHA Board is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the FAQ section on our website! You will find far more information about general topics of owner interest, in addition to the previous NDHA-specific information. Please visit us at our website: ndha.ca

Outstanding Fees: The 2022 NDHA fee of $307 was due on June 29th.  We would like to thank our members who have paid their fee on time, and ask that those who have not, please remit immediately.  If you are unsure of your payment status, please access your membership portal on our website.  If you have questions or concerns, you may contact the NDHA treasurer at accounts@ndha.ca or our Membership Director at NDHAmembership@ndha.ca Please reference your property address.

We are quite proud of how our community looks and hope you are as well. If you happen to notice an area that might need attention such a bed being missed or damage incurred due to storms or other factors, please let the NDHA know.  We are always happy to hear from our members; please access our website at www.ndha.ca to send an email or call us at 403-237-9595.

Have a wonderful July! Safe travels to all!