May 2022 Update

Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) News

Happy May, everyone! Spring is in the air, and you may have noticed an increased presence of our contractor (ULS) on site doing their spring cleanup. Work on our green spaces, parks and medians will proceed as conditions permit and we hope the foliage in the community has wintered well and will be in great shape for the growing season. The NDHA works hard to maintain greenspaces in the community, but it is a big area and sometimes we might miss a spot.  Do let us know if you see something in need of attention. *Please note that the NDHA is not responsible for landscape maintenance in the new “The Pointe at Discovery Ridge” development.

NDHA Annual General Meeting 2022:  Covid threw our timing off for the past two years, but the NDHA board has taken the decision to return to our traditional, in-person June AGM. The meeting will be held on Thursday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm. Location: Westside Kings Church, West Hall. NDHA members will be notified of the AGM by email or post mail and will also see signage placed at the entrance to the community. Updates on NDHA business & landscaping-related matters will be shared at the AGM. We look forward to seeing you there! If you cannot attend the AGM, we ask that you send in your proxy vote so quorum is achieved, and the meeting can occur

We Need You! Can You Help?  The NDHA is currently managed by seven (7) community volunteers. The work of these volunteers, your neighbors, saves the association more than $100,000 per year – money that would otherwise be paid to a professional management company. That’s the equivalent of NDHA fees for 325+ homes! These savings are why we can take on the landscape project work unique to Discovery Ridge; upgrades and maintenance that have made our community one of the most striking in the city.  But, with only seven people, we need more help! The NDHA is looking for both new Board members and non-board member volunteers who can help with the workload. All skill sets welcome! We especially have a need for volunteers with: Accounting expertise/experience to help our Treasurer and bookkeeper, IT/web-based skills, someone who has an interest in writing, and somebody with landscape and shrub maintenance experience/interest. Please consider volunteering this year. Contact us anytime!

Drainage Swales – Spring rains are on their way! For owners with a concrete drainage swale in your yard, you are responsible for ensuring the swale is kept clear of debris. Rain and runoff must easily drain into the storm sewer system via the swale, so please have a look to ensure yours is clean and unobstructed. This is a City of Calgary bylaw. You do not want to be made responsible for flood damage caused by a backup on your property.

Street Sweeping – the city has scheduled sweeping in our community for MAY 9th, but this date is weather dependent. Please watch for signs that will be posted in the community by the City of Calgary to notify you in advance. Vehicles and must be moved from the street during this operation, subject to fines or towing. Please remove your vehicle and trash bins so that the gravel and grime of winter can be swept away!

Black/Blue/Green Carts – Unless you have space to put them in your garage, most of us must keep one or more of these bins outside. Now that the carts do not have to be dragged through the snow to get to the curb, please endeavor to place them at the side of your house rather than on the driveway. Everyone can agree that they are not pretty yard art, nor a landscaping feature. Let’s face it, they are kind of an eyesore. Tuck them away and show off your house instead! Your neighbors will thank you for making your carts less noticeable.

Trailers on Driveways – With yard projects and camping season upon us, please be reminded that parking a utility trailer or RV of any kind on or around your property is subject to City of Calgary Bylaws and Parking Authority rules. Detached trailers cannot be parked on city streets at any time. RV’s and attached trailers can be parked on the street immediately adjacent to your home for maximum of 36 hours. It is illegal to park your RV distant from your home. RV’s, boats, and trailers can be parked in a private front driveway for maximum 24 hours. Parked RV’s, boats and trailers cannot protrude over a sidewalk or roadway, obstruct access to a neighbor’s driveway or garage, or block the view of intersections, crosswalks, playgrounds, or signs.  Complaints for infractions on private property can be made to 311. Complaints for infractions on public property (on the street) can be made to the Calgary Parking Authority.

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; please access our website at for NDHA News updates or to send an email.  You can also call us at 403-237-9595.