December 2021 Update

Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) News

We hope that you are enjoying the annual holiday light display at our entrance and in the recreation park across from Cornerstone Square. We pass along special thanks to True North Christmas Lights, who inspect and install several hundred strings for us every fall. Many residents have commented how much they look forward to seeing these festive lights each year, and we agree – especially this year! Also, the seven planters near the roundabout have been transformed to an evergreen holiday display for your pleasure during the season. There is some fabulous talent from Pixie Gardens working with us to make these installations beautiful and we hope you agree that these holiday additions create a festive atmosphere in Discovery Ridge! Enjoy!

Your fees are essential; they are what enable the NDHA to do all the extras that the city cannot. It allows “your” Discovery Ridge to set itself apart from all other communities! Thank you to those who have paid on time, we really do appreciate it!

2021 AGM:  The NDHA AGM took place via Zoom on November 9th. This virtual AGM was a first for us, and we think it was very efficient and successful. The combination of actual attendees and collected proxies gave us more than the necessary quorum of 10% of the membership. The NDHA board presented a virtual PowerPoint report to the attendees, informing them of 2021 landscaping activities, the new on-line membership platform roll-out, a Financial Update, the 2022 & Beyond outlook, and answers to questions that were posed. The meeting was recorded. The 2021 AGM minutes and 2020 Audited Financial Statements are posted on our website. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

The NDHA, on behalf of all of members of the community, would like to acknowledge and thank several of the NDHA Board of Directors who retired from service this year. Their volunteer efforts were substantial and lasted for many years. They stepped up and made Discovery Ridge a much better place to live for all of us! Special thank you to: James Wilson, for 4 years of service as President, Susan Chittick, for 3 years for service as Treasurer and Vice President. Joe Maclean, for 4 years of service as Director at Large, Irrigation, Waterfall, and Holiday Light Management and Sharon Salloway, for 3 years of service as Director at large, ULS & Major Project Management. Your time was very much appreciated, good luck with your future endeavors!

Can you Help? The NDHA is managed by up to 10 member-volunteer Directors who are also your neighbors in Discovery Ridge. We have space for up to 4 new Directors due to the above-mentioned retirements. We meet monthly. We are also happy to have volunteers help in a non-board member capacity. If you have a passion or background in landscaping/gardening, or if you can write news articles, we especially need you! Even if you have other skill sets and want to join a great team, please reach out by contacting We’d love to have you join the group!

As this year comes to a close, there is no doubt 2022 will be looked forward to with a great desire for a sense of normalcy once again. These past two years have been a challenge to say the least. We hope you will have the opportunity to celebrate and share good cheer with family and friends in a meaningful, wonderful way this holiday season! With a new year comes a new cycle of positive anticipation, and the NDHA hopes that you will be able to recalibrate, recharge and find joy in the New Year. The board of Directors of the NDHA would like to wish all our neighbors in Discovery Ridge a safe and happy holiday, with sincere “Best Wishes for 2022” from all of us!

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; please access our website at for NDHA News updates or to send an email – you can also call us at 403-237-9595.

Happy Holidays to All!