July 2021 Update

Homeowners’ Association News

Throughout the summer you will see ULS on site working to maintain our green spaces and medians, as well as implementing board-approved landscaping improvements at various locations in Discovery Ridge. News updates will be posted to our website over the summer for you to follow.

The NDHA requires ULS to ensure the safety of their staff by adhering to all Occupational Health and Safety protocols, including appropriate safety barriers, pylons, and signage when crews are working in roadway areas. Please slow down and respect this need for personal safety. If you have questions or concerns about ULS, contact the NDHA so we can be made aware of any issues.  Please do not engage with ULS crews directly. Abuse of their staff is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

NDHA-funded & managed projects for this summer:

  • Xeriscape of all Discovery Ridge Way medians (Phase 4 of the community) should be underway by the time you read this. This is a major project and is the final section to be completed in Discovery Ridge.
  • Greenspace between Discovery Woods Villas and Discovery Ridge Crescent (Phase 2 of community) have had upgraded shrub and tree beds installed, and mulch applied. This area has been a challenge due to drainage issues; water-loving plants have been chosen and will hopefully flourish.
  • Completion of the 3M graphic wrap installation on remaining trash bins (located in all phases of the community).
  • Installation of summer foliage in the seasonal planters near the roundabout.
  • Replacement of several median shrubs where winterkill has occurred.

Additional Projects:

  • Tree installation in ring road construction area (“TUC”) at Discovery Ridge entrance. In 2017, the NDHA negotiated a unique LOU with Alberta Transportation and The City of Calgary to secure the supply and installation of 30 trees at our entrance, post-construction. You can read the LOU on our website, under the “Legal” tab. These new trees are meant to replace the ones that were removed to make way for the ring road work. The City of Calgary will supply the trees, Alberta Transportation will install them and the NDHA will care for them under a Ministerial Consent and Licensing Agreement with Alberta Infrastructure. We look forward to seeing the trees planted this summer!
  • The City of Calgary Parks department will replace several dead trees in our remaining medians this season as well. These are separate from the ones going into the TUC.

NEW HOMEOWNER? SOLD YOUR HOME?  If you have just moved in – WELCOME! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the NDHA or the work we do in the community.  If you have sold your home – we will miss you! We hope that you enjoyed your time in our amazing community and will come back to visit!  In either case, please reach out to us at  NDHAmembership@ndha.ca so that we record the correct owner information for your property in our files. We would really appreciate you taking a moment to do this; it will make a big difference in how much time our volunteers must spend tracking down change of ownership. Lawyers sometimes forget to contact us regarding status of fees. This should be sorted upon sale and is the responsibility of the parties involved to correctly pro-rate paid (or outstanding) fees upon the sale of each property.

FIRES IN OUR PARKS: While we all love the proximity to nature and the wild spaces we have in Discovery Ridge, concerns about illegal fire activity always increase in the summer months. This worry extends to both Griffith Woods as well as in the natural (ungroomed) spaces within our community boundary.  “Bush parties” in both locations occur regularly, usually involving teens and young adults. A wildfire in Griffith Woods or in any of our community natural grassland areas could be devastating to the adjacent homes. There are no legal fire locations in Discovery Ridge, nor Griffith Woods, so please do not hesitate to call 911 to report any fire activity you observe. Help the fire and police departments out by using your phone to pinpoint the location for response.

We are quite proud of how our community looks and hope you are as well. If you happen to notice an area that might need attention, such a bed being missed or damage incurred due to storms or other factors, please let the NDHA know.  We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members! Please access our website at www.ndha.ca to send an email or call us at 403-237-9595.  Have a great July!