March 2021 Update

Homeowners’ Association News

We hope that you have been able to enjoy the use of our pathways this winter. Taking a walk in the fresh air and sunshine while enjoying the beautiful views on offer lifts one’s spirits and is definitely a highlight of our community! As the winter season enters its final months, the NDHA’s main activity continues to be snow clearing of the community walkways. Crews have been out to clean up lost brush bristles, and this will ramp up as the snow recedes. We endeavor to make our paths and sidewalks as safe as possible, but Mother Nature gives us all manner of weather and temperatures at this time of the year and ice can form unexpectedly.  Please be vigilant when walking outside. Use caution and do not hesitate to contact us if you find an area that needs attention.

FEES: By now, you should have received your annual NDHA invoice. For most homeowners, it was sent to the email address we have on file. For those without an email address on file, your invoice was sent via Canada Post. Your fee this year remains at $307.00. Please contact our treasurer ( if you believe you misplaced or did not receive your invoice. **Important: some people own multiple homes in Discovery Ridge; please indicate your full name and the address of the property you are seeking an invoice for in your email enquiry.  Payments can be made online at our website (, or by cheque to our mailing address.

Black Knot Tree Fungus – Please Prune It Out! If you look at your trees right now and you see a dark, lumpy mass clinging to any of the branches, you probably have a tree infested with Black Knot Fungus. Black Knot is endemic to Calgary and spreads via spores from within the lumpy mass. This fungus affects Mayday, Chokecherry (including Schubert’s) and other stone fruit trees. For the survival of your infected tree, it is recommended to prune it out while the tree is dormant (no leaves) and the mass is easy to see. Specific procedures must be followed when pruning to reduce further contamination.

The City of Calgary prunes Black Knot Fungus from trees on public property within our community; please help to control this scourge and potentially save your own tree(s) by doing the same. Consider your safety; hiring a professional certified arborist may be the best plan but they book up quickly. You will want to make contact soon to reserve your appointmentMore information on Black Knot can be found on the City or Province’s websites under “Black Knot Fungus”.

Raccoon & Skunk Alert!  On a completely different subject, we want to remind residents that we share our space with all manner of wild animals. Skunks and raccoons are typically nocturnal and will become more active as the weather warms. They can cause property damage and as cute as they may be, they sometimes carry diseases capable of being transmitted to humans and pets. Both have been known to attack when threatened; they are quite capable of inflicting serious harm to cats and small dogs.  If you let your pet out after sunset, keep an eye on them… they might just find a new “friend” in the yard!

The best defence is to take steps to ensure raccoons and skunks are not attracted to your property in the first place.  They will eat anything, from pet food to pet waste to garbage and compost. Do not leave pet food outside and clean up pet waste as soon as possible. Bird feeders are also targeted by these creatures. Skunks often seek new dens in the spring, and low backyard decks are extremely attractive shelters for them. Seal up entry gaps in and under buildings, sheds, and decks, but first make sure that skunks or other animals are not inside before blocking any potential entrances. Usually, skunks are not inclined to break through material such as 1/4-inch mesh if intact and in reasonably good condition. These small precautions can prevent many potential headaches later.

The NDHA would like to take this opportunity to thank Javino Coffee and Wine Bar for allowing the NDHA to hold our monthly meeting (when allowed) at their fabulous family-run establishment.  Owners Ruby and Aladin, their son Sayyad and daughter Shazia have been tremendous supporters of our community and its associations for many years.  We are incredibly lucky to have them here in Discovery Ridge!  Whether dining in or taking out, please show your support for them by ordering a coffee, wine, or a bite to eat – you won’t be disappointed!

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members; please access our website at for NDHA News updates or to send an email – you can also call us at 403-237-9595.