March 2019 Update

The NDHA would like to extend our best wishes to all of you for a healthy and Happy New Year! We hope that you were able to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends, and were able to get outside to enjoy some winter activities! 

Our dedicated NDHA volunteers were very busy over the past several months managing the annual litter, landscaping and maintenance obligations to the community. It is very satisfying to note that the waterfall in the entrance roundabout was fully operational for a second consecutive summer.  We are quite happy with the continued success of the extensive repairs and upgrades completed in 2017. We hope you enjoyed our community’s “signature feature” every time you passed by!

Your annual $300 fee contributes to much more than just the waterfall, grass cutting and litter pick-up in our parks.  It has funded countless other projects over the years that make Discovery Ridge stand out above all others.  We feel it is important to let you know about some of those “extra” projects undertaken in 2018. Thank you to those who pay your fee on time.  It allows us to continue this important work in the neighborhood, which we ALL benefit from.

Firstly, the NDHA board authorized the completion of the mulching program that was started a few years ago in Phase 1 & 2.  All shrub beds located in the eight remaining Phases (3 – 10) had mulch applied in 2018.  This will significantly improve water retention and reduce weed growth in those beds going forward.

Additionally, the Board approved expenditures to complete significant pruning back of the willows and other shrubs adjacent to the lower waterfall and Griffith Pond area.  This clean up of the overgrowth has made a noticeable difference in sightlines and safety, making it a much more enjoyable pathway system for our residents.

The NDHA also undertook to supply and install Dog Waste Bag Dispensers at several locations throughout the community.  We added this feature for the convenience of our residents who may have forgotten their own bags, or used up what they had and unexpectedly require another.  There have been countless complaints over the years about irresponsible dog owners who disgustingly don’t “pick up”.  We hope these new dispensers make a difference – there really is no excuse now.  Please dispose of the used bags responsibly.

Finally, the NDHA has undertaken an experiment to “wrap”, in purpose-specific graphic design material, a bear-proof garbage bin rather than simply re-painting.  One bin near Griffith Pond has been wrapped and the NDHA is monitoring its ability to withstand the seasons and temperatures over the course of a year.   If successful, more will follow.

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