2019 NDHA Fee Increase

NDHA members are advised that the NDHA Board of Directors has raised the annual fees from $300 to $307 per annum.

As permitted by Point #3 of the NDHA Encumbrance on your property title (which can be found on our website), the annual NDHA fee can be raised by the amount of the Calgary Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the previous year, at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The 2018 CPI for Calgary was 2.37% according to the City of Calgary’s website.

The financial statements reported in 2018 (2017 Audited Statement) showed deficits in the amount of approximately $64,000 in the budget which required use of funds from the NDHA reserve fund.  This was largely due to the xeriscaping costs, and was a planned use of the funds. The information presented at the 2018 AGM showed that there were no major capital projects planned for 2018, and that there was a projected 2018 budget surplus of only $50,000. There were multiple items shown in the 2018 AGM Capital Budget Plan which need to be planned for, such as two possible xeriscape projects, landscaping around the west waterfall, and post-ring road landscaping in the affected entrance areas.

While the NDHA recognizes that these are tough economic times, the last fee increase (from $150 to $300) was in 2006 and in order to ensure that there are sufficient funds for the future projects to beautify our community and maintain our green spaces to our current standards, a fee increase was due, and we aimed to keep the increase as low as possible.

The NDHA Board of Directors apologizes to the residents for not communicating the fee increase in advance of sending out the invoices.

We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members, please email us at ndhageneral@gmail.com or call us on 403-237-9595.