November 2017 Update

The Holiday Season is just around the corner and with it comes much opportunity to share good cheer with family and friends, near and far.  The board of the NDHA would like to wish all of our Discovery Ridge neighbors a safe and happy holiday with “Best Wishes for 2018” from all of us!

Many residents have commented how much they look forward to seeing the festive lights each year; some were concerned that the ring road work would stop the installation of the light display.  The NDHA fully intends to continue the annual tradition of lighting the trees for the holiday season throughout the years of ring road construction.  We did, however, have to cut off power to the area within the TUC and as a result we are no longer able to illuminate the full length of the entrance median.  The trees at the entrance that lie within the TUC were to have been removed already, but delays and changing schedules have allowed us to keep them longer than anticipated.  Despite the changes, we hope that you enjoy the “new format” light display on the trees we are able to decorate!  Special thanks to our new contractor, True North Christmas Lights Inc., who have inspected and installed several hundred strings for us this year.  The seven planters near the roundabout will also soon be transformed to an evergreen foliage holiday display for your enjoyment during the winter months.  We have some special talent from ULS working with us to make these installations beautiful; we hope that you will find the lights and the planters a charming addition to the holiday atmosphere in Discovery Ridge!

On a final note, the NDHA would like to use this opportunity to remind residents that while ULS will be out in full force soon after each snowfall to remove any accumulations and build-up, please be vigilant while out walking in the neighborhood.   We make our community paths and sidewalks as safe as possible during the winter months, but Mother Nature gives us all manner of weather and temperatures throughout the winter and ice can form unexpectedly; please use caution when using the pathways and don’t hesitate to contact us if you see an area needing attention.  We are always happy to hear from our NDHA members!

Happy Holidays to All!