Entrance Agreement Signed

The NDHA is pleased to announce that after months of emails, meetings and lobbying, we have signed a Letter of Understanding (LOU) with Alberta Transportation and the City of Calgary to secure the re-establishment of a treed  entrance median and boulevard upon completion of our portion of the ring road.  This is a huge win for the community, and is an exceptionally unusual allowance on the part of Alberta Transportation.  The City of Calgary has agreed to supply up to 30 large trees that will be installed in a similar pattern to what we currently have in place.  Additionally, and in conjunction with the LOU, the NDHA already has a file open with Alberta Infrastructure to initiate a Ministerial Consent application in 2020.  This application is a necessary step to gain the required approvals to install irrigation and power back into the new median, and to re-plant the shrub beds as well.  Alberta Infrastructure has indicated their approval-in-principle, so we hope that that Discovery Ridge will eventually regain almost all that will be lost during the ring road construction and our new entrance will be better than ever before!  Special thanks to the many people at Alberta Transportation, Alberta Infrastructure and The City of Calgary who worked so hard with the NDHA to make this happen!  A copy of the LOU can be found under the “LEGAL” tab, should you be interested in reading it.