Spring 2017 News

May is a busy transition month for the NDHA.  As spring clean-up draws to a close and we begin preparing grass and shrub beds for the summer months, you will see a fairly constant presence of personnel from our landscape maintenance contractor, ULS, working in our community.  Discovery Ridge has many green spaces and the NDHA is responsible for ensuring all of these areas are looked after.  If you happen to notice a space that needs extra attention, please let us know so that it can be tended to quickly.

2017 Landscaping Projects –The next phase of the Xeriscaping plan will commence along Discovery Ridge Boulevard in the downhill median between the roundabout and Discovery Ridge Link.  Additionally, the mulching project in Phase 1 & 2 that was started last summer will be completed this year. Finally, we will completely makeover a few shrub beds identified as priorities; one located in the cul-de-sac of Discovery Ridge Gardens and another at the ridge lookout-point at the west end of Phase 2.  Please be extra-cautious of the heavy equipment and workers in the area where median work is being undertaken. Let’s slow down and keep everyone safe!

Tree Replacement and New Park Trees – the NDHA has secured an agreement from the City of Calgary Parks – Urban Forestry department to plant 37 large trees into Discovery Ridge this summer.  These trees will require a tree spade for installation; some will go into medians & boulevards to replace trees that have died and were cut down and some will be new plantings into park space.  More trees will be forthcoming in 2018. The trees are a mix of deciduous and evergreens. Special thanks to the people of the City Parks department for their ongoing willingness to work with the NDHA to enhance our greenspaces!

Waterfall – the NDHA expects the waterfall in the roundabout to be fully operational this season.  The final stage of the repair will start in late May, and (barring any new problems) once testing is complete and the pump is re-commissioned, we should see water flowing!  This has been an extremely challenging two-year project involving six contractor specialties; we believe it has been “done right” and will be a long term success for residents to enjoy for many years to come.  Extra-special thanks to Water Rock Landscapes Inc. and Scope Projects Inc. for their expertise!

Don’t Cause a Flood!  – With June comes rain and a resurgence of the abundant plant life that makes our community so special.  For those of you with a drainage swale in your yard, please make sure it is clear of debris and overgrown shrubbery so rain can drain easily into the storm sewer system and water won’t back up into your/your neighbor’s yard.  You are responsible for keeping your swale clear year-round.

NDHA Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, June 7th – We know that where you live is important to you – your input is important to us!  There is more news to share, so please plan to attend the NDHA AGM on June 7th.  It will be held at Menno Simons School (7000 Elkton Dr. SW – the intersection of 69 St & 34 Ave SW) at 7:00 pm.