What’s Going on at Our Entrance?

Without a doubt, you have recently witnessed the ring road prep work being done near 69 St and Glenmore Trail. The NDHA has recently been advised that major changes are planned for the entrance area of Discovery Ridge in Spring 2017.  In anticipation of these changes, the NDHA made the decision to salvage what we can from the foliage beds that will be impacted by the construction of the ring road and new bridge from our community over the Ring Road and onto 69 St SW.  We are in the process of relocating all median plant material that can survive being moved, as well as the large decorative rocks that were placed in the median for aesthetic purposes.  Unfortunately, the trees and large shrubs cannot survive and will not be salvaged.

The NDHA encourages all residents to make themselves aware of how the Ring Road will impact Discovery Ridge.  Town Hall meetings and information sessions are your best source of current information, and your chance to voice your concerns – please take the time to attend future sessions as they are announced.  Links to some of the on-line information is below, as is the email address you can use to contact Alberta Transportation directly:

SW Ring Road Virtual Tour:

SW Calgary Ring Road:

Calgary Ring Road:

Questions? Email Alberta Transportation at: