Final Waterfall Report of 2016

Darn snow!  We were so close….   Things moved along well with repairs until mid-September, when we were set back by another round of rain and then an early snowfall and very cold temperatures in the first week of October.  Up to that point, the failed PVC pipe was successfully sleeved, the feature had pond sealant applied to all concrete surfaces and multiple leak tests had been performed.   Subsequent sealant applications were required due to difficulty pinpointing  where continued water loss was occurring – this added 2-3 weeks to the process.  We are now in the final stage of the repair; the entire pond and intake area has had a geotextile liner put in place and the rundle rock has been moved back into the pond.  The edges of the liner now have to be secured to the perimeter, and this is where we have run into a battle with low temperatures.  The adhesives and sealants required to finish this work cannot be applied  in freezing temperatures – the early and unexpected snowfall set things back yet again and we have since had to winterize our water lines that feed the waterfall.  Obviously it is too late to see the waterfall operate this year, but the repair process is virtually complete and the final testing will occur in spring when we can open the water lines and start pumping water once again.  This process has been far more involved than anyone, including the experts, could have predicted.  The NDHA is extremely disappointed that we were unable to get the waterfall operational in 2016, but we are confident that we will have a full season of normal operation for 2017.