Waterfall – July Update

Specialized cameras were run through a 25-foot/5 metre section of buried PVC pipe that acts as one of two return inlets for the circulation of water in the waterfall.  It was confirmed by video that a structural failure of one of the two elbow joints in this pipe has occured and the pipe will need to be “sleeved” in order to stop the water loss from this section of the feature.  We had hoped that this would be the only source of leakage that was left to deal with, but we were wrong.

In testing the PVC pipe, we had to isolate it from the rest of the pond.  This gave us an opportunity to run a concurrent test for water loss on the rest of the feature. Unfortunately we found a secondary leak on the front of the pond, leaving us with two separate areas to deal with.

We do have specialized contractors working with us to remediate the separate and specific leak issues now that they have been isolated from one another. One company will sleeve the pipe, another will seal and line the pond.  We are awaiting confirmation of when the work can start; we are still hopefull that we will will see water flowing this season but it all depends on when our project can fit into the contractors summer schedules.

Further updates will be made once we have that information.  Thanks for your patience!